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Best automatic vacuum cleaners

Cleaning up has never been a preferred task of the many. That is why we either have help to do it or sometimes hire people to do the cleaning for us. For those who do not have the budget to hire help, vacuuming presents the next best option. But even taking a vacuum through every […]

Coffee capsule machines 2016

There are no lengths that a coffee drinker won’t go to get the perfect cuppa first thing in the morning. They source the freshest beans, they invest in the best air-tight containers for storage, some even look for ceramic bean grinders that create a near-perfect powder mix of the coffee pods. All of this effort […]

Best Smartwatches

Once upon a time, long, long ago, there was the calculator watch. It was the 1970s and in an era of counterculture and Rock‘n‘roll, wearing a calculator on your wrist was the ultimate geek statement. Fast forward to 2016. Now wearing a ‘phone’ on your wrist has become the ultimate tech statement. What began as […]

The GoPro Drone

For the selfie generation, the GoPro camera is the ultimate tool to have. The same sentiment is echoed by adrenaline junkies who strap the camera to their helmets, bikes, and surfboards to document the thrills first-hand. Now GoPro is out to claim the skies. Enter Karma Drones have already entered the public consciousness thanks to […]

Goal Line technology – How does it work?

The striker shoots the football, catching it with his laces. The ball seems goal-bound, but it hits the underneath of the top post and bounces off the ground. The striker screams with joy thinking he has scored. His teammates rush towards him; the crowd is in raptures. All that is needed is for the referee […]

Internet on Airplanes

Our lives are connected today to the virtual world 24/7. There is barely a moment when our cell phones don’t buzz with one notification or the other. Should a break from the internet be welcome when we take a flight from one destination to the other? The Need to Stay Connected The airline industry is […]

Time to Play the Games with Cozmo by Anki

If you are looking for a perfect robot companion, Anki has created an extraordinary AI robot for you. To be launched in October 16, 2016, this little intelligent, life-like robot has a unique personality. Thanks to the technologies that come with the robot, this will become your perfect partner at home or when relaxing. Cozmo […]

When can I buy Google Glasses and what can they do?

When Google first released the plans to develop and make Google glasses, the technology crowd and young professionals instantly found a product that they could love. The excitement of the tech crowd was understandable knowing that this product is from Google. The Google glasses promised to redefine the way people communicate. To introduce the product […]

New casino technology

From Mobile Betting and Play to Virtual Reality – How New Technologies are Shaping Casino Entertainment Different types of businesses will have different requirements to run its operations and impress its customer base. The availability of resources can spell the difference between complete customer satisfaction and profitability and failure. This business principle is also applicable […]