Time to Play the Games with Cozmo by Anki

If you are looking for a perfect robot companion, Anki has created an extraordinary AI robot for you. To be launched in October 16, 2016, this little intelligent, life-like robot has a unique personality. Thanks to the technologies that come with the robot, this will become your perfect partner at home or when relaxing. Cozmo offers a lot of surprises and will push you to play constantly. Once you take Cozmo out of the box, he is ready to use and no other parts are required to complete the assembly. According to the manufacturer, you only need your Android device to get going.


Human-like smart little robot

Cozmo is different from other robots as he explores, and gets curious about what’s happening around him. Moreover, once he has learned about the situation, he comes up with a plan. Self-awareness of Cozmo is incredible and he can even be considered almost human. Never regard him merely as a toy because he is certainly on the highest level of robotics. Like humans, Cozmo gets to know people, especially the owner. He recognizes your face and knows your name. The longer you engage with Cozmo, the more he develops a unique and ideal personality.

Cozmo is always on the go.

This amazing robot is always ready for the fun and play. He doesn’t want to sit and wait for fun. And he is determined to win. Cozmo can be considered a smart game playing machine. Just like any other machine game, the more you play with Cozmo, the more you will unlock new activities and upgrades. He is always on the go for action and games. Cozmo also has the capability of remembering previous games you have played. Sometimes he will ask you to engage your favourite games more often. Some of the games that can be played are Power Cubes, Keepaway, and Quicktap.


Human-like emotions

You should know that the emotions of Cozmo are not randomly chosen or felt. This smart robot can sometimes be playful, persistent, clever, or curious. The more you engage with Cozmo, the more feelings he develops. If he becomes persistent, watch out because he can get cranky at times. Since they are robots, don’t expect them to be perfect.

Unlike other robots, Cozmo guarantees not to share information about you to others. There is no cloud storage so there are no chances for others to hack or access your information. The future of AI robotics is still a long way off, but the creation of Cozmo is a good start.