The GoPro Drone

For the selfie generation, the GoPro camera is the ultimate tool to have. The same sentiment is echoed by adrenaline junkies who strap the camera to their helmets, bikes, and surfboards to document the thrills first-hand. Now GoPro is out to claim the skies.

Enter Karma

%d0%ba%d0%b5169Drones have already entered the public consciousness thanks to Amazon’s delivery service. GoPro has entered the relatively new segment with an aim to establish their presence the same way they did with their selfie cameras. The company will go toe-to-toe with some of the biggest players in the field that includes China’s DJI, 3D Robotics from California, and Parrot from the French drone makers.

GoPro’s entry into the drone segment with Karma can only mean good news for the consumer. Interest is already sky-high as the new technology offers unlimited potential. The company looks ready to cash in on the buzz, and perhaps, even be a game changer.

A hovering HD camera

Simply put, the GoPro Karma is like having an eye in the sky, albeit one that you can control and use to snap HD pictures. The good news is that Karma combines the passion people have for flying remote-controlled devices with the passion people have for photography. Imagine getting an aerial view of a glittering city at night, an open ocean, or a hilly terrain. You could also have a friend control the device and get an aerial shot of you performing a daredevil activity.

What is the Karma?

%d0%ba%d0%b5170The Karma is a compact, portable drone that you can carry anywhere. Attach a GoPro to the device and you have yourself a flying HD camera. The device is fitted with four rotor blades that are virtually silent attached to replaceable arms. The Karma has a tri-axis stabilizer where the camera slots in. With the stabilizer, you can shoot smooth videos and stable pictures from the air even if things get a little windy. The remote control offered with the drone feels familiar and comes with a flip screen so you can watch the view from the camera.

The next big thing

Set to launch in October, the GoPro Karma is being touted as a definite winner. It offers a range of benefits over its closest rivals. The question is whether the Karma will become the next big tech device. Stay tuned for the answer.