New casino technology

From Mobile Betting and Play to Virtual Reality – How New Technologies are Shaping Casino Entertainment

Different types of businesses will have different requirements to run its operations and impress its customer base. The availability of resources can spell the difference between complete customer satisfaction and profitability and failure. This business principle is also applicable to the online casino business, the online versions of the typical brick and mortar hotels and casinos that allow players to play, wager money, and win top prizes and jackpots. In order for online casinos to run and operate, they require the services of technologies and related infrastructures, especially in delivering the games. It is the responsibility of the online casino provider to select, not just the kinds of casino games that are offered to players online, but also decide how these games can be delivered. Another aspect is the payment options. The custome requires safe and fast payouts when they play online casinos.


From Flash-based to Smartphone apps

To deliver casino games like video slots, online casino providers can choose between Flash technology, downloadable games and games or applications for mobile use. Many online casinos and gaming portals use Flash technology to present games, and this allows the player to sample the game without leaving the page. The player can click on the casino game, wait for it to load, and start the casino experience. Another technology is by downloading the casino software or the game. A casino player must select and download the game, and once installed on the PC or laptop, the casino game can be played. Finally, another popular technology and casino playing option is through the use of Smartphones. Thanks to new technologies, casino games like slots are now available on mobiles, allowing players to spin the slot games on-the-go from anywhere.

Mobile tournaments on Smartphones, now available

The use of mobile phones is now a tested and popular marketing gimmick among many casino operators including the brick and mortar casinos in Las Vegas. For example, it was announced recently that MGM Resorts will offer mobile tournaments for its players and other casino guests. The idea behind this marketing and casino pitch is simple – players and casino enthusiasts at MGM Grand will no longer have to leave the pool, their room, or even the bar to play casino games. Thanks to new technologies including Wi-Fi, players, and casino enthusiasts can now interact with others, play the games, and make wagers.

Virtual reality (VR) as the new face of online casino gaming

%d0%ba%d0%b5160Another interesting technology that is powering the excitement in online casino is virtual reality or VR. By using this technology, casino players are given a different way of accessing online casinos. Players are given the chance to literally explore the casinos, take the stairs to enter another floor in search of new games and entertainment. After playing their chosen casino games, they can also visit the bar, and interact with other players, or just talk about their experiences in playing engaging 3D video slot productions. This technology is now possible and can be experienced by players, thanks to many companies like GameFace and Oculus Rift. With VR, players are given the opportunity to be in a casino, and feel the casino environment, without leaving their homes!