Coffee capsule machines 2016

There are no lengths that a coffee drinker won’t go to get the perfect cuppa first thing in the morning. They source the freshest beans, they invest in the best air-tight containers for storage, some even look for ceramic bean grinders that create a near-perfect powder mix of the coffee pods. All of this effort can now be skipped with a single coffee capsule and a machine.

The Capsule Revolution

%d0%ba%d0%b5173There are many of us who want the perfect cup of coffee with a minimum of fuss. This is where the coffee capsule machines are leading the way. They allow you to become your own barista.

Using a coffee capsule machine is as easy as hopping to your nearest Starbucks and ordering your favourite cup. All you need to do is insert the coffee capsule into the slot provided in the machine, select your choice of beverage, and press start. That’s about it.

You may be thinking about the maintenance of the machine. We would like to tell you that it is an easy affair as well. The capsule machine comes with a self-clean button that will steam away any dirt, grime, or germs accumulated. If something were to go kaput, a mechanic is always at hand to fix the issue.

The Best Machines of 2016

We are unabashed coffee lovers, and to be honest, have been looking for alternatives that will remove all the stress and strain of having a good cup of coffee. Not to mention the long queues. Having tried some of the capsule machines, here are the best of 2016:


  • Krups Nespresso Prodigio

What more can we say of a machine that has its own app. Nespresso has been an industry leader in the segment, and it is not hard to see why. You can brew your cuppa right from your smartphone. You can also order new capsules when you are running low on stock with the app that alerts you. The app will even remind you when to clean the machine. The Prodigio easily tops the list.

  • Tassimo T12 Vivy

A competitor to Nespresso, the Tassimo has been trying to make rapid gains in the segment. What works for the machine is that it is small, compact, and efficiently easy to use. The machine is easier on your pocket too, costing less than the Nespresso. Apart from coffee, you can brew tea and hot chocolate.

  • Dualit Lusso

If nothing else, this coffee capsule machine makes a mean style statement. But don’t judge the Dualit Lasso just by its good looks. It uses a slower brewing process to extract maximum flavour from the coffee capsule. The machine even remembers your preferred style of beverage. You can use either Dualit capsules or the Nespresso variety on the Lusso.

  • AEG Fantasia

Just like its name, the machine delivers a fantastic coffee experience, allowing you to add milk and adjust the amount of froth on your cup. You can choose from a variety of coffee flavours to make your morning cup an interesting, delicious experience.