Best Smartwatches

Once upon a time, long, long ago, there was the calculator watch. It was the 1970s and in an era of counterculture and Rocknroll, wearing a calculator on your wrist was the ultimate geek statement. Fast forward to 2016. Now wearing a ‘phone’ on your wrist has become the ultimate tech statement. What began as an indulgence has now become the norm as more and more consumers switch their analogue and digital dials to smart watches.


Why own a smartwatch

Imagine being able to make calls, browse messages and other important notifications, or even tracking your fitness activity, all from a neat, compact watch. That is what a smart watch promises, and in fact, has delivered so far. From a tech point of view, it may be just the beginning of wrist-wear technology.

It may not be a wild assumption that the smart watch may replace the Smartphone one day.

What to consider

Right now, there is a plethora of options for consumers. From Apple to Android, you are spoiled for choice. Here are two things to consider:

  • Compatibility

The watch needs to be compatible with your phone. If not, the watch may just be as good as any ordinary watch. Check whether the Smartphone is compatible with your device before making a decision.

  • Apps

A second important consideration is if the watch can host a full-fledged app environment like your phone. Ideally you would want to do everything on a smart watch that you can on your phone, including booking a cab and checking out reviews of places nearby.

Best Smart watches 2016

2016 is passing by in a flash. It seems like yesterday we were celebrating the New Year. With the final three months upon us, the countdown has begun for the next year. Having said that, 2016 has graced us with some immersive wrist-wear technology. Here is a list of the best:


  1. Pebble Smartwatch

Here’s another reason why you should switch from Android to Apple. The Pebble Smartwatch has laid the ground for what the future will look like. The display may not be anything to write about, but the watch delivers on what it promises – wireless notification. It is also one of the more economical options providing the best battery life.

  1. Apple Watch Series 2

We continue to stay with Apple, as their in-house smartwatch is just as impressive as their iPhone. The Apple Watch features an app-rich OS, and offers a robust support for fitness enthusiasts with advanced features. Plus, it looks just as good as any Apple product does.

  1. Huawei Watch

Android users rejoice! You finally have a smartwatch that comes close to the Apple products in terms of looks and features. With a classical style, the wrist-wear will surely attract attention. On the downside, the watch is fairly expensive.

  1. Motorola Moto 360 Sport

This is a watch designed exclusively for the health-conscious, although even ordinary folk may find the design and features tempting.