Best automatic vacuum cleaners

Cleaning up has never been a preferred task of the many. That is why we either have help to do it or sometimes hire people to do the cleaning for us. For those who do not have the budget to hire help, vacuuming presents the next best option. But even taking a vacuum through every nook and corner of the house can seem like a boring chore. Not anymore.


Automatic Vacuums

It seems that our prayers have been answered. Vacuum cleaners have evolved from the clunky, cord-enabled machines into sleek, compact, wireless robots. You no longer need to do anything, except switch on the vacuum. The rest will be done by the machine.

Automatic vacuums are certainly an upgrade on the older models. They combine comfort, convenience, and effective cleaning. The robotic vacuums can be controlled from your smartphone. The best part is that they require a minimum of effort to look after. You can set them to clean every day at a specific time. They even recharge automatically when the battery drains down.

The Best Picks

If you have been looking for an automatic vacuum cleaner, here is a list of the best three:

  • Neato Botvac Connected

It seems less a vacuum cleaner and more an intelligent cleaning solution. The automatic vacuum has generated positive reviews from the critics and the community as well. It has a one-touch cleaning operation and comes with an app as well. Its exclusive D-Shape design allows the robot to clean corners more efficiently. The Neato has a host of other features because of which it tops our list.

  • iRobot Roomba 980

The latest model from one of the early pioneers of automatic vacuums. The Roomba 980 combines cleaning with a good sense of fun. If you wish to locate where the robot is cleaning, you can play a game of Marco Polo using the app. On the performance front, you can schedule cleanings and also check how long it has been at work.

  • Samsung POWERbot

One of the world’s leading tech companies has now entered the automatic vacuum segment with a true performer. The POWERbot has passed all tests with impressive marks. It offers one of the most effective cleans, picking up dirt, debris, pet hair, and leaving the floor spotless.


Future Clean

The future of cleaning seems bright and spotless. The automatic vacuum cleaners have made a daily chore less of a task.

Coffee capsule machines 2016

There are no lengths that a coffee drinker won’t go to get the perfect cuppa first thing in the morning. They source the freshest beans, they invest in the best air-tight containers for storage, some even look for ceramic bean grinders that create a near-perfect powder mix of the coffee pods. All of this effort can now be skipped with a single coffee capsule and a machine.

The Capsule Revolution

%d0%ba%d0%b5173There are many of us who want the perfect cup of coffee with a minimum of fuss. This is where the coffee capsule machines are leading the way. They allow you to become your own barista.

Using a coffee capsule machine is as easy as hopping to your nearest Starbucks and ordering your favourite cup. All you need to do is insert the coffee capsule into the slot provided in the machine, select your choice of beverage, and press start. That’s about it.

You may be thinking about the maintenance of the machine. We would like to tell you that it is an easy affair as well. The capsule machine comes with a self-clean button that will steam away any dirt, grime, or germs accumulated. If something were to go kaput, a mechanic is always at hand to fix the issue.

The Best Machines of 2016

We are unabashed coffee lovers, and to be honest, have been looking for alternatives that will remove all the stress and strain of having a good cup of coffee. Not to mention the long queues. Having tried some of the capsule machines, here are the best of 2016:


  • Krups Nespresso Prodigio

What more can we say of a machine that has its own app. Nespresso has been an industry leader in the segment, and it is not hard to see why. You can brew your cuppa right from your smartphone. You can also order new capsules when you are running low on stock with the app that alerts you. The app will even remind you when to clean the machine. The Prodigio easily tops the list.

  • Tassimo T12 Vivy

A competitor to Nespresso, the Tassimo has been trying to make rapid gains in the segment. What works for the machine is that it is small, compact, and efficiently easy to use. The machine is easier on your pocket too, costing less than the Nespresso. Apart from coffee, you can brew tea and hot chocolate.

  • Dualit Lusso

If nothing else, this coffee capsule machine makes a mean style statement. But don’t judge the Dualit Lasso just by its good looks. It uses a slower brewing process to extract maximum flavour from the coffee capsule. The machine even remembers your preferred style of beverage. You can use either Dualit capsules or the Nespresso variety on the Lusso.

  • AEG Fantasia

Just like its name, the machine delivers a fantastic coffee experience, allowing you to add milk and adjust the amount of froth on your cup. You can choose from a variety of coffee flavours to make your morning cup an interesting, delicious experience.

Best Smartwatches

Once upon a time, long, long ago, there was the calculator watch. It was the 1970s and in an era of counterculture and Rocknroll, wearing a calculator on your wrist was the ultimate geek statement. Fast forward to 2016. Now wearing a ‘phone’ on your wrist has become the ultimate tech statement. What began as an indulgence has now become the norm as more and more consumers switch their analogue and digital dials to smart watches.


Why own a smartwatch

Imagine being able to make calls, browse messages and other important notifications, or even tracking your fitness activity, all from a neat, compact watch. That is what a smart watch promises, and in fact, has delivered so far. From a tech point of view, it may be just the beginning of wrist-wear technology.

It may not be a wild assumption that the smart watch may replace the Smartphone one day.

What to consider

Right now, there is a plethora of options for consumers. From Apple to Android, you are spoiled for choice. Here are two things to consider:

  • Compatibility

The watch needs to be compatible with your phone. If not, the watch may just be as good as any ordinary watch. Check whether the Smartphone is compatible with your device before making a decision.

  • Apps

A second important consideration is if the watch can host a full-fledged app environment like your phone. Ideally you would want to do everything on a smart watch that you can on your phone, including booking a cab and checking out reviews of places nearby.

Best Smart watches 2016

2016 is passing by in a flash. It seems like yesterday we were celebrating the New Year. With the final three months upon us, the countdown has begun for the next year. Having said that, 2016 has graced us with some immersive wrist-wear technology. Here is a list of the best:


  1. Pebble Smartwatch

Here’s another reason why you should switch from Android to Apple. The Pebble Smartwatch has laid the ground for what the future will look like. The display may not be anything to write about, but the watch delivers on what it promises – wireless notification. It is also one of the more economical options providing the best battery life.

  1. Apple Watch Series 2

We continue to stay with Apple, as their in-house smartwatch is just as impressive as their iPhone. The Apple Watch features an app-rich OS, and offers a robust support for fitness enthusiasts with advanced features. Plus, it looks just as good as any Apple product does.

  1. Huawei Watch

Android users rejoice! You finally have a smartwatch that comes close to the Apple products in terms of looks and features. With a classical style, the wrist-wear will surely attract attention. On the downside, the watch is fairly expensive.

  1. Motorola Moto 360 Sport

This is a watch designed exclusively for the health-conscious, although even ordinary folk may find the design and features tempting.

The GoPro Drone

For the selfie generation, the GoPro camera is the ultimate tool to have. The same sentiment is echoed by adrenaline junkies who strap the camera to their helmets, bikes, and surfboards to document the thrills first-hand. Now GoPro is out to claim the skies.

Enter Karma

%d0%ba%d0%b5169Drones have already entered the public consciousness thanks to Amazon’s delivery service. GoPro has entered the relatively new segment with an aim to establish their presence the same way they did with their selfie cameras. The company will go toe-to-toe with some of the biggest players in the field that includes China’s DJI, 3D Robotics from California, and Parrot from the French drone makers.

GoPro’s entry into the drone segment with Karma can only mean good news for the consumer. Interest is already sky-high as the new technology offers unlimited potential. The company looks ready to cash in on the buzz, and perhaps, even be a game changer.

A hovering HD camera

Simply put, the GoPro Karma is like having an eye in the sky, albeit one that you can control and use to snap HD pictures. The good news is that Karma combines the passion people have for flying remote-controlled devices with the passion people have for photography. Imagine getting an aerial view of a glittering city at night, an open ocean, or a hilly terrain. You could also have a friend control the device and get an aerial shot of you performing a daredevil activity.

What is the Karma?

%d0%ba%d0%b5170The Karma is a compact, portable drone that you can carry anywhere. Attach a GoPro to the device and you have yourself a flying HD camera. The device is fitted with four rotor blades that are virtually silent attached to replaceable arms. The Karma has a tri-axis stabilizer where the camera slots in. With the stabilizer, you can shoot smooth videos and stable pictures from the air even if things get a little windy. The remote control offered with the drone feels familiar and comes with a flip screen so you can watch the view from the camera.

The next big thing

Set to launch in October, the GoPro Karma is being touted as a definite winner. It offers a range of benefits over its closest rivals. The question is whether the Karma will become the next big tech device. Stay tuned for the answer.

Goal Line technology – How does it work?

The striker shoots the football, catching it with his laces. The ball seems goal-bound, but it hits the underneath of the top post and bounces off the ground. The striker screams with joy thinking he has scored. His teammates rush towards him; the crowd is in raptures. All that is needed is for the referee to check his watch and blow the whistle disallowing the goal. The scorer is shell-shocked. TV replays show that the referee got it spot on. How did he manage that in just a few seconds?


Goal Line Technology

Thanks to goal line technology, the referees can now make the correct decision when it comes to nail-biting goals where no one can determine the clear result. Ask the German team of 1966 and they will tell you how it feels to not have a goal that was legitimate. To eradicate such errors, FIFA introduced the new technology that took centre stage in the 2014 football World Cup in Brazil.

Goal Line Technology now continues to be used in club football such as the Premier League of England.

How does it work?

There are fourteen cameras placed around the rim of the host stadium of the match. Seven cameras are placed around each post. The cables from the cameras are wired to a computer.

%d0%ba%d0%b5167The cameras track the ball as it nears the post, constantly feeding the computer with the data. The position of the ball is able to be precisely located in relation to the goal line. If the football crosses the line, a visual signal accompanied by a vibration is transmitted wirelessly to the referee’s watch with ‘Goal’ flashing on it. If the ball does not cross the line, no signal is sent to the referee. Goal Line Technology is that simple and easy to use.

Internet on Airplanes

Our lives are connected today to the virtual world 24/7. There is barely a moment when our cell phones don’t buzz with one notification or the other. Should a break from the internet be welcome when we take a flight from one destination to the other?

The Need to Stay Connected

%d0%ba%d0%b5165The airline industry is a tough one. Competition is cutthroat, with the budget players always taking on the big guns. Flyers have a variety of options to choose from, and at the end of the day, internet connectivity may just be the deciding factor.

One of the reasons why Wi-Fi on flights has become a talking point is that people don’t want to take a break from regular habits when flying. For instance, you can sip on a coffee in Starbucks and still stay connected. Then why should taking a flight be any different? That is the question asked by many frequent flyers. The airlines have responded by introducing internet connectivity.

How to Connect

%d0%ba%d0%b5166There are a couple of options depending on the airline you choose. If a flight offers free Wi-Fi, then all you need to do is turn on your phone and connect to the flight’s internet. If the flight charges to use the internet, then you may be better off using the ‘GSM’ option where your phone uses the regular network and you incur roaming charges.

Wi-Fi on a flight may sound cool, but it has some way to go before it can replicate the speed and stability of the services at ground level.

One for the Future

The number of airlines offering Wi-Fi is on the rise. There are, however, a few stumbling blocks that need to be overcome. Once those issues are addressed, flyers can look forward to free Wi-Fi no matter where they travel.

Time to Play the Games with Cozmo by Anki

If you are looking for a perfect robot companion, Anki has created an extraordinary AI robot for you. To be launched in October 16, 2016, this little intelligent, life-like robot has a unique personality. Thanks to the technologies that come with the robot, this will become your perfect partner at home or when relaxing. Cozmo offers a lot of surprises and will push you to play constantly. Once you take Cozmo out of the box, he is ready to use and no other parts are required to complete the assembly. According to the manufacturer, you only need your Android device to get going.


Human-like smart little robot

Cozmo is different from other robots as he explores, and gets curious about what’s happening around him. Moreover, once he has learned about the situation, he comes up with a plan. Self-awareness of Cozmo is incredible and he can even be considered almost human. Never regard him merely as a toy because he is certainly on the highest level of robotics. Like humans, Cozmo gets to know people, especially the owner. He recognizes your face and knows your name. The longer you engage with Cozmo, the more he develops a unique and ideal personality.

Cozmo is always on the go.

This amazing robot is always ready for the fun and play. He doesn’t want to sit and wait for fun. And he is determined to win. Cozmo can be considered a smart game playing machine. Just like any other machine game, the more you play with Cozmo, the more you will unlock new activities and upgrades. He is always on the go for action and games. Cozmo also has the capability of remembering previous games you have played. Sometimes he will ask you to engage your favourite games more often. Some of the games that can be played are Power Cubes, Keepaway, and Quicktap.


Human-like emotions

You should know that the emotions of Cozmo are not randomly chosen or felt. This smart robot can sometimes be playful, persistent, clever, or curious. The more you engage with Cozmo, the more feelings he develops. If he becomes persistent, watch out because he can get cranky at times. Since they are robots, don’t expect them to be perfect.

Unlike other robots, Cozmo guarantees not to share information about you to others. There is no cloud storage so there are no chances for others to hack or access your information. The future of AI robotics is still a long way off, but the creation of Cozmo is a good start.

When can I buy Google Glasses and what can they do?

%d0%ba%d0%b5161When Google first released the plans to develop and make Google glasses, the technology crowd and young professionals instantly found a product that they could love. The excitement of the tech crowd was understandable knowing that this product is from Google. The Google glasses promised to redefine the way people communicate. To introduce the product formally, Google announced a marketing campaign on Twitter during the first half of 2013, and invited users to use a certain hashtag. If chosen, they will become one of the first 8,000 users and owners of Google glasses. In March 2013, the winners were notified and invited to visit Google to receive and be fitted for their glasses. However, due to some technical glitches and other security concerns, Google announced that it will pull the product from the market to continue research and development. This move by Google does not mean that you can no longer enjoy the benefits of Google glasses.

According to a spokesperson from Google, the company will take the product back to the laboratory for testing and improvement and will be released if management is satisfied the Google glasses are perfect products. Just recently, there have been rumours about the potential release of Google Glass 2. According to reports, there is a possibility that the product will be released before the end of 2016, probably November 2016. The excitement persisted when it was noted that during the first two quarters of 2016, Google advertised jobs related to the Glass division, with Ivy Ross and Tony Fadell on board.


What can you expect from your Google Glasses?

The wearable glasses from Google incorporate a number of technologies that can help simplify your life. For example, it was reported that the Google Glasses will come with a GPS, a camera, and a microphone. This means that the Google Glasses can do the complex work and functions of a high-end Smartphone. The glasses can be operated via voice activation, for example, you can take a picture of a building or a street by speaking, or you can also draft a message by simply dictating the message. Since this is a product of Google, it can also provide you with the same services, such as getting directions, or making a video call. In short, Google Glasses can also become your personal assistant and a tool that can help simplify your work.

New casino technology

From Mobile Betting and Play to Virtual Reality – How New Technologies are Shaping Casino Entertainment

Different types of businesses will have different requirements to run its operations and impress its customer base. The availability of resources can spell the difference between complete customer satisfaction and profitability and failure. This business principle is also applicable to the online casino business, the online versions of the typical brick and mortar hotels and casinos that allow players to play, wager money, and win top prizes and jackpots. In order for online casinos to run and operate, they require the services of technologies and related infrastructures, especially in delivering the games. It is the responsibility of the online casino provider to select, not just the kinds of casino games that are offered to players online, but also decide how these games can be delivered. Another aspect is the payment options. The custome requires safe and fast payouts when they play online casinos.


From Flash-based to Smartphone apps

To deliver casino games like video slots, online casino providers can choose between Flash technology, downloadable games and games or applications for mobile use. Many online casinos and gaming portals use Flash technology to present games, and this allows the player to sample the game without leaving the page. The player can click on the casino game, wait for it to load, and start the casino experience. Another technology is by downloading the casino software or the game. A casino player must select and download the game, and once installed on the PC or laptop, the casino game can be played. Finally, another popular technology and casino playing option is through the use of Smartphones. Thanks to new technologies, casino games like slots are now available on mobiles, allowing players to spin the slot games on-the-go from anywhere.

Mobile tournaments on Smartphones, now available

The use of mobile phones is now a tested and popular marketing gimmick among many casino operators including the brick and mortar casinos in Las Vegas. For example, it was announced recently that MGM Resorts will offer mobile tournaments for its players and other casino guests. The idea behind this marketing and casino pitch is simple – players and casino enthusiasts at MGM Grand will no longer have to leave the pool, their room, or even the bar to play casino games. Thanks to new technologies including Wi-Fi, players, and casino enthusiasts can now interact with others, play the games, and make wagers.

Virtual reality (VR) as the new face of online casino gaming

%d0%ba%d0%b5160Another interesting technology that is powering the excitement in online casino is virtual reality or VR. By using this technology, casino players are given a different way of accessing online casinos. Players are given the chance to literally explore the casinos, take the stairs to enter another floor in search of new games and entertainment. After playing their chosen casino games, they can also visit the bar, and interact with other players, or just talk about their experiences in playing engaging 3D video slot productions. This technology is now possible and can be experienced by players, thanks to many companies like GameFace and Oculus Rift. With VR, players are given the opportunity to be in a casino, and feel the casino environment, without leaving their homes!